Feather of Hope
Feather of Hope

Feather of Hope

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This wooden feather is more than just a pretty magnet for your fridge or office? It is 10cm long x 5cm wide and a whole lot of LOVE & HOPE!

Hence the reason FEATHER of HOPE. The profits made from the sale of each feather from Cowboys & Confetti will go towards individuals within our communities who are going through tough times and are needing encouragement and hope.

Currently we are using our Feathers of Hope for the beautiful Schulz family.

Please take the time to read their touching story below, and I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your support.

"In September 2016, our happy, thriving 4 month old baby boy was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Thankfully for us Isaacs brain tumour was "non spreadable" but due to its size and placement it was classed as inoperable. Our only option was 12 cycles (months) of chemotherapy.
The tumour was causing Isaac to have hydrocephalus, this meant his body was draining the brain fluid as it should be. He had a shunt inserted into his brain to drain this excess fluid. What was meant to be a simple operation, and then we could go home and Isaac have all of his treatment as an outpatient didn't go as planned. Isaac spent the next 4 months in hospital and the oncology ward at Lady Cilento Hospital became our second home. Isaac had multiple brain operations to get a shunt working properly and because of the constant operations, blood floating around in his brain fluid and so much pressure build up our happy, energetic thriving little boy was no more. Isaac became practically lifeless, and he lost the ability to do so much.
In January 2017, he was finally well enough to come home. Isaac still has monthly chemo and fortnightly blood tests but thankfully we haven't had an overnight hospital since February.
His tumour has shrunk and we continue to pray that by September when we are due to finish treatment it is all gone. He is still learning how to eat & drink, and meet milestone such as roll over, and sit up unassisted but is getting there slowly.
Throughout this whole journey we have continued to have hope and trust in Gods work. From Luarna"